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  1. Úvod
  2. Cleaning and reparation of carburators
Cleaning and reparation of carburators

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We offer repair and cleaning of carburators of various sizes and types. We perform the cleaning using ultrasound together with a special cleaning solution. We will remove all dirt from the carburators and restore them to newer appearence and operation. 

Čistenie karburátorov

What is a carburator?

A carburator is a device that prepares the mixture for spark-ignition combustion engines. It prepares it by mexing air and fuel from easily evaporating liquid fuels in a suitable ratio for combustion. The carburator mixes the mixtere by atomizing the liquid fuel in the air stream.

Currently, carburators are no longer used and are being replaced by injection devices.

The term carburation, derived from the carburator, means to mix air and fuel or to equip an egine with a carburator for this purpose. Fuel injection technology, through injectors, has largely replaced carburators in motor vehicles, and even to a lesser extent in aviation.  Carburators are still used in small engines for lawn mowers, motorcycles, cultivators and other equipment.

In short, the carburator works like this:

  1. Air flows into the carburator from the air intake and passes through a filter that cleans it of impurities.
  2.  When starting the engine for the first time, the choke can be adjusted to almost block part of the intake manifold to reduce the amount of air intake (increases the fuel content of the mixture entering the cylinders).
  3. In the center of the tube, air is forced through a narrow break called a Venturi tube. This accelerates and causes its pressure to drop.
  4. The drop in air pressure creates a suction on the fuel line and sucks in the fuel.
  5. A throttle valve is a valve that rotates to open or close a pipe. When the throttle is open, more air and fuel flows into the cylinders, so the engine produces more power and the engine runs faster.
  6. The air fuel mixture flows down into the cylinders. The fuel is supplied from the float chamber. When the fuel level drops, the float in the chamber drops and opens the valve at the to.
  7. When the valve opens, more fuel flows in to refill the chamber. This will raise the float and close the valve again.

We carry out cleaning and repair as follows:

  1. Checking the carburator - we will check its condition. Accordingly, we will consider whether cleaning or a complete overhaul is necessary (we always recommend a complete overhaul with new parts).
  2. Carburator disassembly to the "last screw".
  3. Ultrasound cleaning of the carburator with special chemistry.
  4. Inspection, possible repetition of ultrasound cleaning.
  5. If necessary, we will clean it mechanically.
  6. Carburator assembly with new parts.
  7. Checking the carburator - its condition, permeability.

We will return all the old parts to you together with the carburator, so that you can be sure that thay have been replaced.

If you are interested in cleaning or repairing your carburator, do not hesitate to contact us and we will agree on a suitable solution for you. The price of cleaning or repair is starts at 40€, but it depends on the codnition and size of the carburator. When cleaning, we also recommend purchasing a repair kit, that we can provide for you too. The prices of these kits are different, it all depends on the type of the carburator. We also sell the repair kits.

For more questions or informations regarding the cleaning or repair of carburators, you can contact us via

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